Credits & Copyrights

Inspiration from Linda & Jamie Kornfeld
without whose love & good vibrations there
would have been no purpose in doing the festival.

"Special thanks to my very old friend
Victor Kahn who has been with me on
this long strange journey since years before Woodstock!
He personally designed my 40th book cover & created this website."

Enter his "Great Illusion"


Additional thanks to artist Jim Warren for the use of
his visionary paintings reproduced on this website.

Kudos to all the great photographers mentioned herein
whose incredible pictures documented the
entire Woodstock Music Festival.

"We're All Playing in the Same Band"
written at and about Woodstock by Bert Sommer
is the song playing in the background on this credits page.

"America" also sung by Bert Sommer at the
Woodstock Festival plays on the intro page and
both songs were produced by Artie Kornfeld.
(with musicians booked by Artie Kaplan and engineered by Shelly Yakus)

All the old music on this website
was tracked down by Les Peterson.

Gratitude to all those others
(you know who you are)
not mentioned in this
recollection of events.

This website is dedicated to
the memory of Irving Kornfeld
who passed away September 2, 2006
(Irv was the father of the Father of Woodstock!)

Before Obama there was a grassroots campaign to
elect Woodstock's Artie Kornfeld as President in 2008


The Legal BS

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